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646f9e108c A ten-years-later continuation of Hal Hartley's "Henry Fool", where Fay Grim (Posey) is coerced by a CIA agent (Goldblum) to try and locate notebooks that belonged to her fugitive ex-husband (Ryan). Published in them is information that could compromises the security of the U.S., causing Fay to first head to Paris to fetch them …
Interesting continuation from independent icon Hal Hartley&#39;s underground hit Henry Fool is an admirable mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. Seeing that film a decade ago, being far too young too appreciate the finer intricacies, I still recall being taken aback with how morbidly witty and provokingly earnest it all was, and still consider Henry Fool one of the most influential independent scripts of my young movie watching days. Fay Grim, Hartley&#39;s strange and unnecessary decade-after sequel, has little of those endearing qualities which rendered the first so noteworthy.<br/><br/>Fay Grim (Parker Posey) is the wife of Henry Fool, living her admittedly eccentric but relatively normal life after being abandoned by Henry long ago. When strange incidents begin to unravel which indicate the pathetic slacker Henry might not have been who everyone once thought, Fay is pushed into the backstabbing world of international espionage! Playing out as oddly as it sounds, Hartley is to be commended for transforming the original film into a wholly new context. Fay Grim walks a fine line between this espionage satire and a more traditionally offbeat humor that would categorize the first, but both elements do little at enhancing a mythology of this character Hartley is obviously enamored with.<br/><br/>Rather, the film sides with playing out a tepid spy plot in the face of any tangible material we would expect from these players. The script goes to great lengths to make the absurd plot seem less silly, but for the most part Hartley&#39;s considerable talent for dialog seems wasted on the shallow double-crossings. By the time we come to any final payoffs, the detailed script has beaten viewers over with too much minutia to be that emotionally invested. The real nail in the coffin for this film however will not be the weird approach (even a Hartley mock-spy movie is interesting in more ways then one) but simply the very fact that the most people will have not a clue about what the entire film is predicated upon. Not watching the obscure Henry Fool would certainly take almost all the fun out of this warped sequel, nearly making the entire experience pointless, and since the movie is not exactly advertised as a sequel to your typical video browser, the movie is almost certainly doomed to have a terrible reputation. If you do belong to that rare group who knows what they are getting into with this however, even the awkward presentation will not take away a delightful reinventing.
Fay Grim is a true example of what I call a completed puzzle film. It has all the pieces of acting, direction, storyline, and entertainment value. They all fit together and when done so create a masterpiece, Fay Grim.<br/><br/>This film follows a single mother Fay Grim trying to raise her son to not grow up to be her father who ran away from the law and went missing. Soon the CIA contacts Fay in desperate pursuit to find 8 journals of her husband Henry&#39;s. These journals were filled with confessions of his long past in the CIA and his involvement with countries and their government doings. Fay is sent to find these journals, in return to release her brother from prison, and is sent on a cat-and-mouse chase all over Europe to recover these journals and learn of the hidden secrets of her husbands past she never knew about.<br/><br/>Parker Posey had already been an actress I liked after I watched her in The OH in Ohio and Best in Show. She brought liveliness to these two comedic roles of hers, but Fay Grim was a far different role than the other two movies. Posey made me believe what was happening on screen, I felt for her, I rooted for her, and I wanted to know more. She grabs you while she is on screen and when she is off you can&#39;t stop thinking about what is happening to her.<br/><br/>I haven&#39;t seen any other previous works by writer/director Hal Hartley but I believe I will look into viewing some of his earlier films if they are half as good as Fay Grim was.<br/><br/>If you decide to make a smart movie choice next time you decide to rent a movie or purchase a DVD I&#39;d highly urge you to choose Fay Grim. If you have any common sense on how a film should be you will enjoy this movie immensely.
It's a rich idea – a Hartley-esque variation on the theme of American Innocents Abroad. And it works superbly until – well, Grim's the word.
Fay Grim will have a multi-format release on May 18th in the US. It was confirmed by Hal&#39;s company, Possible Films, that it will be released in theaters and on HDNet Televison. A DVD release is currently being shown on as May 22nd.
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