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Problem Solver Full Movie Hindi Download

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7cb1d79195 Action takes place in a peaceful small town. The laws of the possession of firearms are very strict here and order is enviable. However, the unexpected kidnapping of the mayor's son reveals the true cards of the matter - not everything is as good as it looks in this town. The rumour about the missing child spreads all around the town and reaches Problem Solver. He is the former town benefactor, a local hero who is undervalued and detached from society. Together with his team Problem Solver boldly dares to attempt the rescue of the mayor's son. However, the belief that some dangerous group of criminals may be embroiled in this dirty affair makes the matters all that more complicated. An unexpected call with mysterious instructions raises suspicions that a lot of challenges await for the towns peacekeeper. Unpredictable sequence of events, dirty language of characters, humour, action and contingencies will appear in the action comedy "Problem Solver".
Movie budget - so small, so small. First of all, talking about cinematography - it was..was bad. (Yeah, no good camera gear..I know, but there could have been any good shots, haven&#39;t seen one) Next - soundtrack, it was fine, when in need, it was intense. It was good to hear these sounds. I want to KNOW ALL SONGS. Give me a full soundtrack, creators, thanks. Acting - I cannot assess the actors. It was like a group of friends, with no acting experience, so they reached their MAX, however, only because that their acting was not horrible. Story - I don&#39;t know. Story for specific type of people (?) - Lithuanians, and probably for eastern europeans. Because it&#39;s just for entertainment, not for deeper thoughts or something like that. &quot;Some dudes in village doing some business&quot;.<br/><br/>So, in conclusion, I want to praise the director of this movie, because he&#39;s doing something. I want to believe that he have potential to be a good director. But to be A GOOD MOVIE DIRECTOR it&#39;s very hard. Be appreciated - not so. I want this man to continue to develop, but please, put into a movie a little smart sense, a bit of self, a little spirituality, because not everyone likes that SHOOT/CATCH/SWEAR movie type.<br/><br/>By the way, good look. It was 7/10, because I support you. Talking about wider audition, it would not be so good.

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